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construction scaffolding

construction scaffolding
Product Detailed

our scaffolding :
all can be adjustable,cycle used ,save money ,time,labor,no need wood and nail any more


Our Scaffolding:

it is used for forming concrete ceiling slab, concrete column,concrete beam and forming concrete shear walls,  insteads of wood need wood and nails .

 1,Material It is made of high cold rolled steel ,it’s thickness is 2 to 2.5 milimeter ,the characteristics of this kind of new material is corrosion endurable ,the flexibility is big,, firm and not easy to be deformed .


Main-Beam The main beam can adjust length within the scope of 1.17m to 4.39m at will, the short spine is used in balcony tolite and so on .

 B-1 2.68m to 4.39m

B-2 2.28m to 3.68m

B-3 1.77m to 2.88m

B-4 1.17m to 1.78m                                                                                                                                                   

Sub Beam The sub beam has the specification of 1.15m , 0.8m , 0.4m




 Supporting prop It’s supporting pole is 2 meters long ,it can regulate in the scope of 2.10m to 5.0m  the prop can be adjusted at will when high halls are built .

 3,Support efforts

Its supporting pole can put up 3-4 ton ,and the zone between two main beams can bear 2-2.5 ton , and every sub-beam can bear 1 ton . Now the general thickness of the concrete paddled currently is 10-15 centimeters ,and the weight in the same area is 100-150kg at most, so the supporting strength is enough for all buildings

4,Production character :

  No.1 : the narrow flexible connection of beam is not only simple to manipulate but also firm and steady.

  No.2 : the various type beam can be regulateed at your will

  No.3: the smart lock connection between beams is simple and firm .

  No.4 : the horizontal pole is light and firm ,the smart fastener is unique

  No.5: compared with wooden grider ,it is much stronger and firmer

  No.6: it can make the construction site neat and clean ,so it helps to enhance the image of the corporation and demonstrate the strength of the corporation .

  No.7: time-saving , material-saving , laber-saving, dependable safety.

  No.8:no need timber ,it can be reused and help to save energy resource and construction cost .so it is useful for environmental protection .

 No.9 : high efficiency , free any technique ,it is easy to operate and raise the work efficiency by 600%,(400 square meters can been finished within eight ours by four people )

5,Compare of normal scaffolding:

normal scaffolding: Now , the template supporting structure used for concrete at construction site has adopted the structure way of steel and wooden beams .The followings is its disadvantage: labor-wasting and material- wasting .  And it is ugly and hard to adjust .In a word, it is of “low efficiency and bad quality”

our scaffolding: In order to overcome the disadvantages ,we finally invented the new-style kind of Digital Steel Architecture Template Supporting Combination Structure (DSATSCS) .The  invention of  DSATSCS  has supplied a technical gap ,and has won four pieces of nation patent . DSATSCS is easy to operate and convenient to Install and dismantle .so it is widely-used, time-saving and material-saving . What’s more ,DSATSCS can save a great deal wood ,iron wire ,nail and so on.


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